Duff Beer From ‘The Simpsons’ Is Coming To An LA Popup Brewery

The Simpsons needs some good press, and releasing its most beloved in-universe beverage to the masses isn’t a bad way to do it. A California beer company is releasing Duff Beer in a pop-up that’s been approved by The Simpsons themselves.

The Duff Man’s favorite brew has been made real once more, and drinkers in the City of Angels will get an exclusive chance to try Duff Beer for themselves.

Writers of the show and Lincoln Beer Company are teaming up to make the brew. The official Simpsons Instagram page announced the collaboration on Thursday.

According to Eater, there will be just one official Duff’s beer and it’s available in limited quantities.

According to reps for The Simpsons, the Duff Beer collaboration is happening on Saturday, November 10, from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. There will only be one style of Duff on offer (sorry Duff Dry and Tartar Control Duff fans), and of course the event is for those 21 and older at Lincoln Beer Company’s taproom and brewing facility on Lima Street.

Eater predicts long lines given the scarcity of it all, which makes sense if you ask us. But getting a real taste of Duff Beer seems worth the wait. Think of all the Instagram posts you can make with witty Simpsons quotes as captions.

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