Kelly Megyn Exit from NBC a Blessing in Disguise….

So far, it seems the only unhappy person about Megyn Kelly, no longer being the host of NBC Today is just her. Two weeks have passed since the network removed (the former Fox News host) out of the show and the station in general, after making comments on the show that appeared as Blackface’s defender. And guess what? The shows odds have improved.

The show broadcasted last week under the name Megyn Kelly Today attracted 2.522 million viewers. One week after her exit – when the show was renamed as just: “ Today,” and the show was entrusted to Al Roker, Jenna Bush Hager, and Craig Melvin – it stats increased to 2.649 million. This week it dropped a little, but only to 2.632 million, which is even better than when Kelly was in charge.

Kelly’s fall occurred during the October 23 broadcast. During a conversation about Halloween costume, Megyn – who, while on Fox News, has already complained of what she called the “Black Santa” – seriously took offense with the opinion that it’s racist for white people to wear blackface.

Kelly was immediately criticized, especially by colleagues like Roker. She apologized, but NBC has decided that it is best to cancel her relationship with her. NBC spent $ 69 million for Kelly’s three-year contract, which began in 2017; the rest will have to be paid out.

Kelly’s apology broadcast before her eviction may be the last time we see her. We still have a biopic of Roger Ailes in preparation, in which Charlize Theron will handle Kelly.

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