The NFL has Moved Chiefs-Rams Game To L.A.

Citing Bad Field Condition as the Reason

Los Angeles Rams and Chiefs of Kansas City may face each other in Atlanta Super Bowl in February. That’s why Monday night’s match is so important. As an extra twist, these two teams have long been expected to compete in Mexico City.

It is not often that NFL’s international games turn into brand conflicts, but in this case, Mexico City had to host two best teams in a vital cross-conference game. That was the case until Tuesday when conditions of the El Aztec Stadium became a point of worry. Some players even threatened not to play for safety and danger of injuries on the grubby field of play.


Shortly after that, the league made an official decision regarding the match, announcing that it would be moved from Mexico City to Los Angeles due to the conditions of the pitch.

The decision of the league to move the game is consequential because now it is necessary to offer a refund for the tickets and all the other obligations that were incurred in bringing the game to an international host city – not to mention the fans who book a trip to attend the match. However, the league made the decision pointing to the amount of rain alongside many of the events that have produced dangerous conditions, making playing on this surface dangerous for player safety.


Rams will now host the match and will roll out information (such as the ticket) about the big game at The Coliseum.

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