Alex smith Was Stretched Out…..

This season, Washington went in search of a quarterback for the offseason, releasing Kirk Cousins on a free transfer to Minnesota and signing Alex Smith from the Chiefs.

At this point, Smith had a strong season, even though it wasn’t extravagant, which is similar to the team that went into the Sunday’s game against Texans on 6-3 this season, leading NFC East. The worst dream that Washington would never hope for came to pass when Smith got knocked down with a terrible right ankle injury while they were behind 17-7 in the fourth quarter.

The injury was akin to that of a Washington Quarterback who saw his career come to an end in a similar game, and Joe Theismann immediately noticed the similarities between Smith’s injury and his precisely 33 years.

It was a ferocious wound and Smith was taken out of the pitch right – leg thrown into the air as he greeted the audience. I hope Smith will be able to recover completely, but his injury is just as terrible. Colt McCoy replaced Smith and quickly made a touchdown pass in his first hold of the ball.

If you want to see how the injury occurred, the video is below, but WARNING it is graphic, and if you do not want to see it, all the updates will be listed above.

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