Michelle Obama’s Autobiography ‘Becoming’ sold out on Launch Day…

Michelle Obama has left the position of First Lady of United States of America, yet she appears to be living her crème de la crème life. She has been working with the former President and her husband, Barack, in one or more Netflix shows, while also focusing her attention on her writing skills. Her autobiography titled; ‘Becoming,’ was unveiled earlier this week and while you will be thinking people no longer buy books, her book was a sell-out.

The publisher; Penguin Random House announced on Friday that 725,000 copies were sold on the first day alone. (This figure also includes pre-order and all format such as softcopy and hardcopy). The earlier print of 1.8 million copies was inadequate because the request for it is quite high, an additional 800,000 copies had to be produced. In total, this means that the Autobiography of Michelle Obama would have sold 2.6 million copies.



This book is not Michelle’s inaugural book. During the best day of her life in 2012 precisely, she published America Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen and Gardens Across America – the books talk about living healthy by eating well and also gave an expose on the white house kitchen.


The book of the former First Lady came on blistering of expectations, and some of the selling points were revealed before the release day. One of which was, she says she would “never forgive” President Trump, because of his elated promotion of the “birther” theory, making them the target of some of the country’s antagonistic residents. A false claim Trump has never officially apologized for participating in it. Trump then responded, or tried to do so, by saying he would “never forgive” Obama for having reduced military spending, though it may already be one of the many statements that Trump has forgotten he once made.


Michelle Obama’s book was also published in other languages like Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

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