Josh Richardson Sent Off For Throwing His Shoe Into The Fans…

Things went wrong for Miami Heat in their last game on Sunday against Lakers, when old friend LeBron James was brought in and scored about fifty points against them. Lakers were leading with at least ten points for the most part of the game after going up with a 34-21 superiority in the first quarter, and halfway into the fourth quarter of the game, frustration got high for Miami.

Josh Richardson was the top scorer for Miami with 17 points in 25 minutes, but he got an early exit from the game after losing control of his emotion and consequently throwing his shoe into the crowd.

Richardson felt he was fouled while attempting a dunk, on getting down, he took off his shoe trying to adjust it, while the game progressed. While LeBron James was with the ball for Lakers as they gained possession, Richardson made an aggressive offense against James and continued to shout at the officials before he was sent to the bench by his coach, Erik Spoelstra as he kept adjusting his shoe. At that instance, he threw the boot into the crowd.

The NBA frowns at players throwing something into the crowd. So it’s not an error that he was sent off for his conduct and he can be so sure of a fine. It was especially hard for the Heat who were scoring 4point for every twelve points scored by the lakers to reduce the lead to a single digit, and with Richardson exit, it meant they had lost their best chance of scoring high – hence the disappointment in the face of the Heats’.

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